Han She Business Hotel

4th-10th Floors, No.68, Xim Ending Chengdou Road, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

Hotel is located in the bustling Hsi-Men-Ding entertainment centre, adjacent to the Ximen Metro Station, and the Ambassador Theatre. Restaurants, shopping complex, fantastic stores, and a movie theatre all within the hotel's doorway. 5 minutes to Taipei main station from Ximen MRT station, 40 minutes to TaoYuan International Airport. All rooms are decorated in comfortable and relaxed color tones with good lighting and comfortable bedding, come with double bed, two single beds, two double beds. Bathrooms maintained in good condition, some without bathtub. Complimentary internet access available. There is one restaurant on the first floor serving daily breakfast. Modern, 11-storey concrete building. Small in size with bright lighting and soft color surroundings. Huahsi Street night market and Longshan temple both are popular attractions nearby. Hotel recommended for travellers who would like to experience local lifestyle. Hotel reception located on 4th floor.



  • ฟรี Wifi


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